Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nneka Plus Concert

Was at the "Nneka Plus" Concert last night and my ears are still ringing. Its definitely not due to the alcolhol I bought at the Students Union bar as I didn't take more more than a couple of bottle of some alcopop, I think I was just too close to one of the speakers all night.

Anyway the Concert was styled as Afropop featuring Nneka, Ximenez and with Styl-Plus as the headline act. I've got to confess to being pissed off big time with the organisation of the event. Styl-Plus only came on at half eleven and played for half an hour looking at their watches after every song. And they didn't even have live music so they were dependent on the CD of instumentals of their songs that the DJ was playing. Come on Guys surely you have to be more professional than this? My cousin even thought one of the Guys - Zeal was miming at one point.

The bands that impressed me were a group called Four Kornerz and Nneka.

Four Kornerz are a band made up of four brothers: Deji (27), TJ (25), Vidal (23) and Daniel (21), check them out at they have a great sound and the lead singer Deji is a real showman.

Nneka has a great voice and her music has a message that was difficult to follow due to the sound at the venue. Some dude came on after her called "Bantu" from Cologne, Germany and the girls didn't know where to look due to his "rough packaging'. Anyhoo, check out Nneka at


Naija Vixen said...

Four Kornerz are it....i hav been lookn for sumone who would agree!I hope all is well in camp styl-plus...because at almost all their recent performances in U.K...their performances havnt been the @ Bantu's rough that is a picture i wouldnt want to see!

Anonymous said...

i agree with vixen, the picture aint so nice. but i gbadun those kornez boys, had to minimise to hear the song over again. nneka's got a great voice as well, its soothin...i'l put it that way if u get me.