Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is he Black Enough for the White House?

Can a Black Candidate win election to high office in the USA without the Black vote?

The fact that Barack Obama has endeared himself to white America is undeniable. For black people however they need to believe that by electing him it will change their lot. When Jesse Jackson launched his attempt to seek the democratic nomination in 1984 it was clear what platform he choose to stand on, where he thought his votes would come from.

Is it enough for black america just to have a black man in the white house or does his politics have to be black as well. Critics of Obama point out that 10years of having Clarence Thomas on the bench haven't done a damn thing for black America. Creating a symbol is no longer enough. Its a shame that the USA of the 21st Century has only seen 5 black governors ever.

Al Sharpton argues that America cannot afford to look beyond race in a climate that is still populated by inequalities that are inherently due to racial prejudice and historical inequalities

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